No, the Secret Bus Driver Wave has nothing to do with the secret node, but it is intriging none-the-less.

Go on a school bus, any school bus, anywhere in the world (although I've never been out side the US, I'm sure this is a national conspircy), and wait for it to pass another bus. There! There it is, as your school bus passes the other, you will see that your driver will wave at the other bus driver, not only that - it shall be a distictive wave, like no other.

In my many, (too many, someone please give me a car), years of riding godforsaken school buses I have notice many different types of waves. You see, there is not but one Secret Bus Driver Wave, there are many, it is a means of communication amoung bus drivers. The ones that I have discovered thus far are as follows:

1: The "Hi, I'm Phil." wave. This is typically used by people named Phil, but there are some Phil impersonators.

2: The "I don't like you" wave. This wave generally entails the lifting of the middle finger. This could also be construed as the "I'm number one" wave.

3: The "Red Pig Flies at Midnight to Meet the Blue Buick. Wouldn't you really rather drive a Buick?" wave. Ah, this is one of the most complex and devious waves. If you meet a bus driver with carpel tunnel syndrome, this wave may be the reason.

4: Finally "I'm going to confiscate every item that I possibly can from the students, meet me at my place at 9:00 pm for the goods."