For the more immoral of you out there, or for those of us who do not like Tetris being deleted from there calculators, I present... How to Cheat in High School Math Classes. This is not meant to condone cheating in the sense of looking at someone else's paper, rather to help people who want to keep programs they've written themselves from being destroyed.

Anyone who has taken a High School math course knows that you have to have a graphing calculator and that you have to clear the memory before each test. This is extremely annoying if you have programs you wrote yourself on your calculator, or if you have games that you want to keep. Games can help you waste time during class, so you want as many of those as you can keep.

So if you are using a TI-86 all you have to do is write a little basic program like this:


:Outpt(4,6,"Mem cleared")

:Outpt(5,6,"Defaults set")


Remember to always set the contrast of the calculator to it's default so that it will look like you actually did reset the memory.

This node is a result of me being angry at a teacher for making me clear my memory when I need certain programs for another class. Use it wisely.