Recently posted to a newsgroup I frequently read:

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This is Aticston, and, I want you too see what drugs are. They are not fun, they are not cool, hip, or in style.

They are not too just 'enhance' your pleasure, as if you were doing them to just do that, there probley wasen't much too begin with, and why they hurt others.

Inclosed is a picture, I drew it in such a hurry, so please, just ignore the artwork. I just want you too see, or even try too think of the day I had too walk into the hospital room, a friend of mine in a 2 day coma, all because of a little drug called 'X' or 'Extasy'. It has other names (Date rape drug) but, I just want you too try and imagine what I felt that day. I felt so wrong for not trying too help him, for not trying too get him too stop. He was my friend, I thought he knew better, why would I judge him?

I was more wrong then him, not trying too stop him from doing 'X' and other drugs, its just, its hard. You care for you friends? Why would you want too hurt them? Why would you ever want to hurt another person you care about?

Today, I know too step in and at least try, even so far as freaking out completly, just too make my point known on this. I don't see him anymore, as he went back too his ways like nothing ever happend, and I for one don't want too step into another hospital room like that again.....


Yes, its true. People out there DO think doing E puts you in comas. People out there DO think its called the date rape drug. Many people out there are heavily influenced by what they hear in the news and on television because they figure if they see it on television it must be true. Just another batch of ignorance adding fuel to the fire.