A shop on Newbury Street in between Fairfax and Exeter. It is run by a guy named Micheal who does spiritual cleansings in and around Boston. He once gave us the materials to rid our dorm room of a nasty ghost. Don't laugh... our dorm room was a 270 year-old town house formerly owned by French royalty. He was friends with Brandon Lee.

So anyways, if you are in Boston and need organic soaps, information about faeries, handmade candles that burn for 36 hours, incense, votives, books on the paranormal, or imported handcrafted italian jewelry and bath treatments, this is the place for you. There is always some sort of soothing music playing like gregorian chant or string quartets. I've never felt more at peace anywhere than I do when I'm in that shop. It's like my spirit stops holding it's breath.

Micheal decided to name the place Hope because of something that happened to him there. About ten years ago he inherited the building (which in mortal terms means "something worth truckloads of cash") and then sat in the storefront for a week, wondering what to do with it. Just him and a chair and some coffee. Then, on the fifth day, he heard a noise coming from a wall-hung light fixture, and he started scraping away the remnants of caulk and paint that held it in place. The fixture fell off, and behind he saw an old, small plaque. The plaque had a hole in the center, upside-down 2's on the upper corners, and "Hope" was written underneath.

When you go there, tell Micheal that Josh the composer from Texas sent you. You'll know you're getting close when you smell the nag champa, if you're downwind from the place.