A few people have asked me why some titles are in bold. My reply is that those are the ones that sound really funny or dirty or both. Basically.
Cole Porter's complete song catalog:

*You notice Beltane buckling his seat belt*

A Fool There Was
A Football King
A Humble Hollywood Executive
A Lady Needs A Rest
A Little Rumba Numba
A Little Skipper From Heaven Above
A Man Must His Honor Defend
A Member Of The Yale Elizabethan Club
A Picture Of Me Without You
A Sight-Seeing Tour
A Step Montage
A Stroll On The Plaza Sant'ana
A Table For Two
A Toast To Volstead
A Weekend Affair
A Woman's Career
A-Stairable Rag
Absinthe Drip
Ace In The Hole
Adam And Eve
Adios Argentina
After All, I'm Only A Schoolgirl
After You, Who?
Ah Fong Low
Aladdin Dance
All I've Got To Get Now Is My Man
All Of You
All Through The Night
Alone With You
Alpine Rose
Altogether Too Fond Of You
Always True To You In My Fashion
Am I In Love?
Americans All Drink Coffee
Amo Amas
Announcement Of Inheritance
Another Op’nin’, Another Show
Another Sentimental Song
Antoinette Birby
Anything Goes
Apache Dance
Aqua Sincopada Tango
As I Love You
As Long As It's Not About Love
As On Through The Seasons We Sail
Assembly Line
At Last In Your Arms
At Long Last Love
At Longchamps Today
At The Dawn Tea
At The Rainbow
At Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe In Cheyenne
Au Revoir, Cher Baron
Auf Wiedersehen
Away From It All

Baby Games
Baby, Let's Dance
Back To Nature
Bad Men
Be A Clown
Be Like The Bluebird
Beach Scene
Beautiful, Primitive Indian Girls
Bebe Of Gay Paree
Begin The Beguine
Bertie And Gertie
Between You And Me
Beware Of The Sophomore
Beware Of Yale
Bichloride Of Mercury
Big Town
Bingo Eli Yale
Blow, Gabriel, Blow
Blue Hours
Bobolink Waltz
Bon Voyage
Boogie Baracarolle
Boroff's Ode
Bring Me A Radio
Bring Me Back My Butterfly
Broadcast A Jazz
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
Buddie Beware
Bull Dog
But He Never Says He Loves Me
But In The Morning, No
Buy Her A Box At The Opera
By Candlelight
By The Mississinewah

C'est Magnifique
Ca, C'est L'amour
Cabinet Music
Café Society Still Carries On
California Scene Dance
Carry On
Cherry Pies Ought To Be You
Class Of 1909 Song
Class Of 1913 Song
Climb Up The Mountain
Close To Me
Cocktail Time
Come Along With Me
Come On In
Come To Bohemia
Come To The Supermarket In Old Peking
Comrade Alonzo
Cora, The Fair Chorine
Could It Be You?
Couldn't Be
Count Your Blessings

Dainty, Quainty Me
Dance Of The Crinoline Ladies
Dance Of The Ragamuffins
Dancin To A Jungle Drum
Danse Erotique
Danse Tzigane
Danse Victoire
Dawn Music
Dear Doctor
Die Schöne Wirtstochter
Dizzy Baby
Do I Love You?
Do You Want To See Paris
Don't Fence Me In
Don't Let It Get You Down
Don't Look At Me That Way
Don't Tell Me Who You Are
Don’t Fence Me In
Down In A Dungeon Deep
Down In The Depths
Down Lovers Lane
Down With Everybody But Us
Dream Dancing
Dream Song
Dresden China Soldiers
Drink, Drink, Drink
Drinking Song
Dubarry Was A Lady

Easy To Love
Entrance Of Emigrants
Entrance Of Eric
Entrance Of Lucy James
Entrance Of Montana
Entrance Of Prince Paul
Ev'ry Day A Holiday
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
Ev'rybod-ee Who's Anybod-ee
Ev'rything I Love
Ever And Ever Yours
Every Man Is A Stupid Man
Excelsior (Boulevard Break)

Fair One
Fairy Tale
Far Away
Far, Far Away
Fare Thee Well
Farewell, Amanda
Fated To Be Mated
Fi, Fi, Fifi
Find Me A Primitive Man
Five Hundred Million
Fla De Dah
Flower Maidens
Flower Song
For No Rhyme Or Reason
Fountain Of Youth
Fresh As A Daisy
From Alpha To Omega
From Now On
From This Moment On
Funny Little Tracks In The Snow

Gather Ye Autographs While Ye May
Genie's Theme
Georgia Sand
Gershwin Specialty
Get Out Of Town
Get Yourself A Girl
Give Him The Oo-La-La
Give Me The Land
Glide, Glider, Glide
Go Into Your Dance
God Bless The Woman
Good Evening, Princess
Good Morning, Miss Standing
Goodbye Boys
Goodbye My True Love
Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye
Greek Scene
Greek To You
Gypsy Song

Ha, Ha, Ha
Ha, Ha, They Must Sail For Siberia
Hail Bibinski
Hail The Female Relative
Hail To Yale
Hail, Hail, Hail
Hail, Hail, To Cyril
Hark To The Song Of The Night
Hasta Luego
He Certainly Kills The Women
He's A Right Guy
Hello, Miss Chapel Street
Hence, It Don't Make Sense
Her Heart Was In Her Work
Here Comes The Bandwagon
Here Must Be Someone For Me
Here's A Cheer For Dear Old Ciro's
Here's To Panama Hattie
Hey Sexy
Hey, Babe, Hey
Hey, Good Lookin'
High Flyin' Wings On My Shoes
High Society Calypso
Hip, Hip Hooray For Andy Jackson
Hold-Up Ensemble
Hot-House Rose
How Could We Be Wrong?
How Do They Do It?
How Do You Spell Ambassador?
How's Your Romance?
Hush, Hush, Hush
Hymn To Hymen(?!)

I Adore You
I Always Knew
I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple
I Am Gaston
I Am In Love
I Am Loved
I Can Do Without Tea In My Teapot
I Concentrate On You
I Could Kick Myself
I Do
I Dream Of A Girl In A Shawl
I Get A Kick Out Of You
I Got Beauty
I Happen To Be In Love
I Happen To Like New York
I Hate Men
I Hate You, Darling
I Introduced
I Jupiter, I Rex
I Know It's Not Meant For Me
I Like Pretty Things
I Love Only You
I Love Paris
I Love You
I Love You So
I Love You, Samantha
I Loved Him But He Didn't Love Me
I Never Realized
I Never Realized
I Shall Positively Pay You Next Monday
I Sing Of Love
I Sleep Easier Now
I Still Love The Red, White And Blue
I Want To Be A Yale Boy
I Want To Be Married (To A Delta Kappa Epsilon Man)
I Want To Be Raided By You
I Want To Go Home
I Want To Row On The Crew
I Want Twins
I Wonder Where My Girl Is Now
I Worship You
I Wrote A Play
I'll Black His Eyes
I'm A Gigolo
I'm Afraid I Love You
I'm Afraid, Sweetheart, I Love You
I'm An Anaesthetic Dancer
I'm Back In Circulation
I'm Dining With Elsa
I'm Getting Myself Ready For You
I'm Going In For Love
I'm In Love
I'm In Love Again
I'm In Love With A Soldier Boy
I'm Not Myself At All
I'm So Glad To Meet You
I'm So In Love With You
I'm Taking The Steps To Russia
I'm The Queen Thamar
I'm Throwing A Ball Tonight
I'm Unlucky At Gambling
I'm Yours
I've A Shooting Box In Scotland
I've A Strange New Rhythm In My Heart
I've Come To Wive It Wealthily In Padua
I've Got A Crush On You
I've Got An Awful Lot To Learn
I've Got My Eyes On You
I've Got Some Unfinished Business With You
I've Got Somebody Waiting
I've Got You On My Mind
I've Got You Under My Skin
I've Still Got My Health
If Ever Married I'm
If Ever We Get Out Of Jail
If I Hadn't A Husband
If I Were Only A Football Man (Became 'A Football King')
If In Spite Of Our Attempts
If Only You Could Love Me
If You Could Love Me
If You Loved Me Truly
If You Smile At Me
Ilsa's Song
In A Moorish Garden
In Hitchy's Garden
In The Big Money
In The Green Hills Of Country Mayo
In The Land Where My Heart Was Born
In The Still Of The Night
Indian Girls' Chant
Indian Maidens' Chorus
Information Please
Innocent Innocent Maids
Is It Joy?
Is It The Girl? (Or Is It The Gown?)
It Ain't Etiquette
It All Belongs To You
It All Seems So Long Ago
It Isn't Done
It Might Have Been
It Must Be Fun To Be You
It Never Entered My Head
It Pays To Advertise
It Puzzles Me So
It Was Great Fun The First Time
It Was Written In The Stars
It's A Big Night
It's A Chemical Reaction, That's All
It's A Great Life
It's All Over But The Shouting
It's All Right With Me
It's Awfully Hard When Mother's Not Along
It's Bad For Me
It's De-Lovely
It's Just Like The Good Old Days
It's Just Yours
It's No Laughing Matter
It's Probably Just As Well
Italian Street Singers

Jerry, My Soldier Boy
Join It Right Away
Jubilee Presentation
Just Another Page In Your Diary
Just One Of Those Things
Just One Step Ahead Of Love

Kate The Great
Katie Of The YMCA
Katie Went To Haiti
Keep Moving
Keep Your Chin Up
Kiss Me, Kate

L'après-Midi D'un Boeuf
La Reve D'Absinthe
Ladies In Waiting
Lady Fair, Lady Fair
Laundry Scene
Lead Me On
Leaders Of Society
Les Girls
Let Doctor Schmet Vet Your Pet
Let's Be Buddies
Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love
Let's Face It
Let's Fly Away
Let's Make It A Night
Let's Misbehave
Let's Not Talk About Love
Let's Step Out
Let's Vocalize
Little One
Live And Let Live
Loading Song
Loie And Chlodo
Lonely Star
Longing For Dear Old Broadway
Look Around
Look What I Found
Looking At You
Lotus Bloom
Love 'Em And Leave Em
Love Came And Crowed Me
Love For Sale
Love Letter Words
Love Me, Love My Pekinese
Love Of My Life

Ma Petite Ninette
Mack The Black
Maid Of Santiago
Maiden Fair
Maidens Typical Of France
Make A Date With A Great Psychoanalyst
Make Every Day Holiday
Make It Another Old-Fashioned, Please
Make Way For The Emperor
Mamie Magdalin
Maryland Show
Maybe Yes, Maybe No
Me And Marie
Meet Me Beside The River
Melos, That Lovely Smiling Isle
Mercy Percy
Mesdames And Messieurs
Midsummer Night
Military Maids
Milk, Milk, Milk
Mind If I Make Love To You?
Mirror, Mirror
Miss Chapel Street
Miss Otis Regrets
Mississippi Belle
Missus Aouda
Mister And Missus Fitch
Mona And Her Kiddies
Moon Man
Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love
Mother Phi
Mr. And Mrs. Smith
Music With Meals
My Broth Of A Boy
My Cozy Little Corner In The Ritz
My Darling Never Is Late
My Georgia Gal
My Harlem Wench
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
My Home Town Girl
My Houseboat On The Thames
My Little Barcelona Maid
My Little Piece Of Pie
My Long Ago Girl
My Louisa
My Loulou
My Most Intimate Friend
My Mother Would Love You
My Salvation Army Queen

Naughty, Naughty
Never Give Anything Away
Never Say No
Never, Never Be An Artist
Night And Day
Night Club Opening
No Lover
No Show This Evening
No Wonder Taxes Are High
Nobody's Chasing Me
Nothing To Do But Work
Now You Has Jazz
Nymph Errant

Oh, Bright Fair Dream
Oh, Honey
Oh, How I Could Go For You
Oh, It Must Be Fun
Oh, Mary
Oh, What A Lonely Princess
Oh, What A Pretty Pair Of Lovers
Oka Saka Circus
Old-Fashioned Garden
Old-Fashioned Girl (Old-Fashioned Boy)
Olga (Come Back To The Volga)
On My Yacht
Once Upon A Time
Only Another Boy And Girl
Open In Venice
Opera Star
Operatic Pills
Opportunity Knocks But Once
Our Crown
Our Hotel

Paree, What Did You Do To Me?
Paris Loves Lovers
Per Favore
Perennial Debutantes
Perfectly Terrible
Peter Piper
Pick Me Up And Lay Me Down
Pilot Me
Pipe Dreaming
Pity Me Please
Play Me A Tune
Please Don't Make Me Be Good
Please Don't Monkey With Broadway
Poor Young Millionaire
Pretty Little Missus Bell
Prithee Come Crusading With Me
Prologue (Out of this World)
Public Enemy Number One
Put A Sack Over Their Heads

Queen Of The Yale Dramat
Queens Of Terpsichore

Rap-Tap On Wood
Recall Goodhue
Red, Hot And Blue
Revelation Ensemble
Riddle Diddle Me This
Ridin' High
Ritz Roll And Rock
River God
Rolling Home
Rolling, Rolling
Rub Your Lamp

Sailors Of The Sky
Salt Air
Satin And Silk
Saturday Night
Say It With Gin
School, School, Heaven-Blessed School
Scotch Twins
Sea Chantey
See America First
See That You're Born In Texas
Sex Appeal
She Was A Fair Young Mermaid
Shootin' The Works For Uncle Sam
Should I Tell You I Love You?
Si Vous Aimez Les Poitrines
Silk Stockings
Silver Moon
Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye
Since Ma Got The Craze Espagnole
Since We've Met
Sing Jubilee
Sing Sing For Sing Sing
Sing To Me Guitar
Singing In The Saddle
Six Little Wives
Slave Auction
Slow Sinks The Sun
Snagtooth Gertie
So In Love
So Let Us Hail
So Long
So Long, Samoa
So Long, San Antonio
So Near And Yet So Far
So What?
Somebody's Going To Throw A Big Party
Something For The Boys
Something To Shout About
Something's Got To Be Done
Song Of The Birds
South Sea Isles

Spring Love Is In The Air
Step We Grandly
Stereophonic Sound
Strolling Quite Fancy Free
Suez Dance
Sunday Morning, Breakfast Time
Suttee Procession
Sweet Nudity
Sweet Simplicity
Swing That Swing
Swingin' The Jinx Away
Syncopated Pipes Of Pan

Take It Easy
Take Me Back To Manhattan
Texas Will Make You A Man
Thank You
Thank You So Much, Mrs. Lowsborough-Goodby
That Black And White Baby Of Mine
That Little Old Bar At The Ritz
That Rainbow Rag
That Zip Cornwall Cooch
That's The News I'm Waiting To Hear
That's What You Mean To Me
That's Why I Love You
The American Express
The American Punch
The Band Started Swinging A Song
The Bandit Band
The Banjo That Man Joe Plays
The Bearded Lady
The Big Parade
The Blue Boy Blues
The Boy Friend Back Home
The Chiripah
The Cocotte
The Dollys And Their Collies
The Extra Man
The Garden Of Eden
The Gold Dusters Song
The Good-Will Movement
The Great Indoors
The Gypsy In Me
The Happy Heaven Of Harlem
The Harbor Deep Down In My Heart
The Heaven Of Harlem
The Heaven Top
The Judgment Of Paris
The Kling-Kling Bird On The Divi Divi Tree
The Lady I Love
The Lady I've Vowed To Wed
The Language Of Flowers
The Law
The Laziest Gal In Town
The Leader Of A Big-Time Band
The Life Of A Sailor
The Lost Liberty Blues
The Lovely Heroine
The Motor Car
The Night Of The Ball
The Old Rat Mort
The Old-Fashioned Waltz
The Ozarks Are Callin' Me Home
The Perfume Of Love
The Physician
The Poor Rich
The Prep School Widow
The Queen Of Terre Haute
The Ragtime Pipes Of Pan
The Red Blues
The Scampi
The Side Car
The Snake In The Grass
The Social Coach Of All The Fashionable Future
The Sponge
The Tale Of The Oyster
The Tattooed Gentleman
The Upper Park Avenue
The Villain
The Wedding Cake-Walk
The Whip Dance
Theme: Ode To A Tractor
There He Goes, Mr. Phileas Fogg
There'll Always Be A Lady Fair
There's A Fan
There's A Happy Land In The Sky
There's A Hollywood That's Good
There's No Cure Like Travel
There's Nothing Like Swimming
They Ain't Done Right By Our Nell
They All Fall In Love
They Couldn't Compare To You
They're Always Entertaining
Through Thick And Thin
Tired Of Living Alone
To Follow Every Fancy
To Hell With Everything But Us
To Love Or Not To Love
To The U.S.A. From The U.S.S.R.
To Think That This Could Happen To Me
Tom, Dick Or Harry
Tonight I Love You More
Too Bad
Too Darn Hot
Toy Of Destiny
True Love
Trust Your Destiny To A Star
Twin Sisters
Two Big Eyes
Two Little Babes In The Wood

Under The Dress
Up To His Old Tricks Again
Use Your Imagination

Venus Of Milo
Visit Panam
Vite, Vite, Vite

Wait For The Moon
Wait Until It's Bedtime
Waiters V. Waitresses
Wake Up And Dream
Wake, Love, Wake
Waltz Down The Aisle
Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Washington Square
Washington, D.c.
Watching The World Go By
We Are Prom Girls
We Are So Aesthetic
We Are The Chorus Of The Show
We Detest A Fiesta
We Drink To You, J.J.Brody
We Shall Never Be Younger
We're A Group Of Non-Entities
We're About To Start Big Rehearsin'
We're Off
We're Off For A Hayride In Mexico
We're Off To Feathermore
We're On The Road To Athens
We've Been Spending The Summer With Our Families
Welcome To Jerry
Well, Did You Evah!
Well, I Just Wouldn't Know
Were Thine That Special Face
Weren't We Fools
What A Ball
What A Charming Afternoon
What A Crazy Way To Spend Sunday
What A Fair Thing Is A Woman
What A Great Pair We'll Be
What A Joy To Be Young
What A Nice Municipal Park
What A Priceless Pleasure
What Am I To Do
What Are Little Husbands Made Of
What Do You Think About Men?
What Does Your Servant Dream About?
What Fun
What Have I?
What Is That Tune?
What Is This Thing Called Love
What Love Is
What Shall I Do?
What Will Become Of Our England?
What's My Man Gonna Be Like
When A Body's In Love
When A Woman's In Love
When All's Said And Done
When Black Sallie Sings Pagliacci
When I Had A Uniform On
When I Used To Lead The Ballet
When I Was A Little Cuckoo
When I'm Eating Around With You
When Love Beckoned
When Love Comes To Call
When Love Comes Your Way
When McKinley Marches On
When Me, Mowgli, Love
When My Baby Goes To Town
When My Caravan Comes Home
When The Hen Stops Laying
When The Summer Moon Comes 'Long
When We're Home On The Range
When You And I Were Strangers
When Your Troubles Have Started
Where Are The Men?
Where Do We Go From Here?
Where Have You Been?
Where Is The Life That Late I Led?
Where Would You Get Your Coat?
Where's Louie?
Where, Oh Where?
Wherever They Fly The Flag Of Old England
Who Knows?
Who Said Gay Paree?
Who Would Have Dreamed?
Who'll Bid
Who, But You
Why Am I So Gone About That Gal
Why Can't You Behave?
Why Didn't We Meet Before
Why Do You Want To Hurt Me So?
Why Don't We Try Staying Home?
Why Marry Them?
Why Should I Care?
Why Should I Trust You?
Why Shouldn't I Have You?
Why Shouldn't I?
Why Talk About Sex?
Widow's Cruise
Wild Wedding Bells
Will You Love Me When My Flivver Is A Wreck?
Within The Quota
Without Love
Won't You Come Crusading With Me
Wond'ring Night And Day
Woodland Dance
Wouldn't It Be Crazy
Wouldn't It Be Fun!

Yankee Doodle
Yellow Melodrama
Yes, Yes, Yes
You And Me
You Can Do No Wrong
You Can't Beat My Bill
You Do Something To Me
You Don't Know Paree
You Don't Remind Me
You Irritate Me So
You Make Up
You Never Know
You Said It
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
You're A Bad Influence On Me
You're In Love
You're Just Too, Too!
You're Sensational
You're The Prize Guy Of Guys
You're The Top
You're Too Far Away
You've Got Something
You've Got That Thing
You've Got To Be Hard-Boiled
Yours For A Song
Zombie Dance

Holes in my list were helpfully filled by colporter.org