Rick, to his pianist, Sam: "Play the song, you played it for her, you can play it for me."

This is that song: "you must remember this,
a kiss is just a kiss,
a smile is just a smile
you must remember this, as time goes by"

I do not think the actual line "Play it again, Sam" was in the film.

Although popularly associated with the 1942 film Casablanca, the song "As Time Goes By" was written by Herman Hupfeld for the 1931 Broadway musical Everybody's Welcome, where it was sung by Frances Williams.

In 1938, Murray Bennett visited a nightclub in the south of France where a black pianist played jazz to a crowd of refugees, Nazis, and the French, which inspired him to write a screenplay he entitled Everybody Comes to Rick's (which became Casablanca). Producer Hal Wallis and composer Max Steiner after seeing the finished film thought an original song would suit the film better (and would earn royalties for Steiner), but that would mean re-shooting scenes that referred to "As Time Goes By," and Ingrid Bergman had already moved on to another picture, so the song stayed in.

Dooley Wilson, who plays Sam and sings the song, was a drummer. His piano was a dummy, and Elliot Carpenter played the song live off-camera.

In 1943, with the release of Casablanca, the song played on Your Hit Parade for 21 straight weeks, and a re-issue of Rudy Vallee's 1931 recording was a major seller.

(1992 - 2002) Romantic comedy television series produced by the BBC and also aired on some American PBS stations. Dame Judi Dench stars as Jean, a widow who in her youth was madly in love with a soldier named Lionel (played by Geoffrey Palmer), until he was shipped off to the Korean War, and they lost touch. Lionel & Jean are re-united forty years later when he hires her secretarial firm to type his memoirs and they rekindle their romance. Also featured are the love lives of Jean's daughter Judith, Judith's best friend Sandy, and Lionel's publisher Alistair.

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