Say you will come.
Say you will come to me in the night time
Smelling of summertime and laundry detergent and sweat.
Say you will sit by me and talk awhile.
And if your hand brushes mine while we sit and talk
I will let you pretend that it was entirely by accident.
I'll let you run if you want to.
I'll let you say this means nothing more.
You have no idea.
I will write you into my life.
Words are surer traps than snares
And stickier yet.
Say you will come.
Let me talk to you
Tell stories to you
Build worlds around you
String them like pearls to hang around your neck
Each one tiny, perfect, individual
Cunning constructions.
I will write you in, then
I will write you into my worlds and my life.
Say you will come.
Who else would craft such fine-spun splendors?
who else would do these things for you?
I will write you into my life
I will write my life into you
I will write you
I will.