A very dangerous concoction discovered this past Monday night by myself and one of my bestest friends, everyone's favorite looney Brit, Laura. We were sitting around her dining room table, drinking profusely, when I suggested we mix in some of her favorite beverage, Orange Squash, in with the vodka shots.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, orange squash is a drink mix, usually diluted with water, that reminds me of Tang more than anything. It's actually the yummy drink they served during the continental breakfasts at the Hotel Ilf in Prague, coincidentally.

Anyways, the recipe is

  • One part Vodka (quality stuff!)
  • One part Orange Squash
  • The hard part is FINDING orange squash in this country, but they are VERY yummy. Mmm... orange flavored sugary vodka goodness.