Atari 2600 Game
Produced by:Imagic
Model Number:n/a
Year of Release:1983
Rarity:3 Scarce

Now you can play pool on your Atari 2600. Trick Shot is a Billards game. The physics are quite bad, but the game itself is fairly fun.

This game is valued at around $8 USD, (more with the box and manual).

In pool/billiards, where the term is most commonly used, it implies a shot that is rarely used or seen, and the usefulness of which is dubious and usually employed for amusement versus actual play. There are many trick shots in pool that are useful in tournament play, but many are just for show.

Also, along the same lines, trick shot can also be used as a personal descriptor for a player as someone who is skilled in the above actions, as in "She's a real trick shot".

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