M.A.M.E resources :

getting the best out of M.A.M.E

MAME's official website is www.mame.net

MAME is in constant development, and each month, a new beta is released. The betas fix bugs, add new games and/or drivers, and sometimes new functions.

The emulator comes in many flavors :
  • DOS MAME (www.mame.net/download.html) is the original version, it has the priority.
  • MAME32 (www.classicgaming.com/mame32/)is the Windows port, including a nice GUI and many useful features. It is generally released a few days after the new version of DOS MAME.
  • MacMAME (www.macmame.org/) is the Macintosh version.
  • XMAME (x.mame.net/) is the *nix version.

You will also find MAME ports for OS/2, QNX, AmigaPPC, AmigaOS, AROS, RISC OS, BeOS, Digita OS, EPOC32 and some more on www.mame.net/downports.html.

The MAME community is very active. You can meet a lot of interesting and helpful people on alt.games.mame.

One of the best source for dumped ROMS is www.mame.dk. They have ALL of the MAME roms, bios and drivers for free.

A great addition to MAME is either building a MAME cabinet (arcade cabinet with a MAME computer inside) or using a HotRod SE. The HotRod is a wonderful arcade joystick (2 players) with true arcade components and an authentic arcade feeling. More info about it here : www.hanaho.com/products/HotRodJoystick/

Many people enhance the MAME experience with useful artwork such as game icons and screenshots. One of those best sites (also, but not only, dedicated to MAME32) is www.classicgaming.com/mame32qa

Another way to enhance the MAME experience is to use frontends. MAME32 is an integrated Windows frontend. Most others will use the DOS MAME binary. ArcadeOS (www.mameworld.net/pc2jamma/frontend.html) is very useful if you want to plug a real arcade monitor to your MAME PC. All the frontends are listed here : www.mame.net/frontend.html.

Enjoy your travel to the past.