The three of us sat in the living room of the special residence hall near my university's dairy research facility for student-dairy slaves, break time. Well, sort of break time, we work unsupervised...just as long as everything gets done and no one gets trampled by a mad heffer. Our first full day of work, five more hours lay before us with four all ready tucked away

We were in the company of some of the residents there, and we were just having some brief chit-chat, about cattle. Somehow, the conversation fell upon the subject of castration, then stumbled to AI methods.

Guy 1: ...yeah I like plants more, I'll have a job where I dont have to jack off bulls for living when I get out of here.
Guy 2: Hey! i only did that once when I was in California.
Girl: What did you do? Did you have to...(makes jerk off hand motion)
Guy 2: Nah, we had this plastic fake vagina, it's got warm water running in the inner it feels like a real cow. And the bulls come pretty quick too, it's like (extends arms and makes a fist, smacks fist into his other open palm) *bam* like that.
Guy 1: (pointing to a large plastic taco bell cup) I bet a bull could fill that cup.
Guy 2: nah, maybe just this part (moves his hand about the lower small to big portion of the cup)
Girl: Haha!
Me: Uh...

More dairy farm adventures

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