("I swear I am not making this up"... )

Ideal Instruments, a subsidiary of Neogen, makes (or at least sells) a product called the "ElectroJac IV" which is a bull semen extractor. What's unbelievable is how it works. It's basically a big electrified probe which you supposedly insert into the bull's anus, and then you fire that sucker up. It's not precisely clear to me how you're supposed to get the bull to stand for this procedure. The device provides some specially calibrated rythmic electic current that, well, provides appropriate stimulation, I suppose. It is purportedly designed to "minimize the stress factors of the animal being collected". Uh huh. Bulls must be different. All I know is, having an electrified dildo rammed up my ass by my captors of another species would definitely not "minimize stress factors". Of course, I know next to nothing about Animal Husbandry.

I found out about this bizarreness from my roommate in college. He was taking a public speaking course, and they showed a sort of "highlights" film from previous semesters of the course, and one of the highlights was someone giving a talk and a kind of demonstration of the ElectroJac.

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