Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Exactly how stupid are general everday non agrarian people? Here I sit watching the magnet box, when a commercial for Raisin Bran Crunch comes on. In this advertisment some guy pours himself a bowl of cereal and looks out the window and sees a cow. He goes out side, and places the bowel underneath the cow's udders and looks really confused. The camera cuts back to the kitchen. Some other random guy asks a random girl "Does he know that's a boy cow?", the girl replies "He'll find out soon enough". Hahahaha, great job Kellogg's corporation, a company that no doubt walks hand on throat with the dairy industry, the least you could do is hire an advertising firm that knows the difference between male and female cattle.

My frustration with the confusion of my fellow Americans over the gender of their lactating leviathans stems from my current employment in the dairy industry. There have been times when visitors have stopped by the milking parlor to have a look at what goes on. Almost every time someone asks "Are these all female cows?", at which point I am tempted to answer "Get the fuck out of my milk house." I am most especially shocked when women ask this question. Have people, who are mammals, forgotten that only females of the species produce milk? Yes'm, thats what those things hanging from your chest are for. Have we also forgotten the definition of the word "cow"? With a little help from my good pal Webster1913 let me refresh your memory:

The mature female of bovine animals.
The female of certain large mammals, as whales, seals, etc.

I know this was kind of ranty, but please get your sexes right folks before you all start trying to milk bulls.

More dairy farm adventures?

In the good old Victorian Era, when men were men and ladies of the respectable classes were fragile flowers of womanhood with delicate sensibilities, bulls were never ever referred to as "bulls". Why a proper Victorian lady might faint at the sound of such a coarse and uncouth word. Instead, in those same respectable circles, bulls were referred to as "he-cows".

Now doesn't that sound much nicer?

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