IOWA is the title of the second Slipknot record. It's at least twice as intense as their eponymous debut, but it comes at the expense of sounding like only four people (singer, guitarist, bassist and the ever-present drummer), instead of the nine-man monstrosity they're supposed to be. They've exchanged their spookiness for outright unprecedented aggression (at least for a mainstream act). It's up to personal taste to define whether this is an improvement or not.

The track listing is as follows:

01. (515) The area code for central Iowa
02. People=Shit
03. Disasterpiece
04. My Plague
05. Everything Ends
06. The Heretic Anthem (formerly Heretic Song)
07. Gently
08. Left Behind First single
09. The Shape
10. I Am Hated
11. Skin Ticket
12. New Abortion
13. Metabolic
14. Iowa No less than 15 minutes in length.