2 + 2 = 5 in a reality in which the majority of those entities engaged in it have the idea that when two is added to two, another number is added to it, as this is just the nature of things in this reality. This is the opposite of the idea that 2 + 2 = 4, or that when 2 is added to 2, there is not an exception to the mathematical rules which state that a 1 should be added. It is also possible that there is a universe which is founded on the idea that 4 is a number of less significance than the number 5, with the number 5 being seen as a number which is so powerful that it "sucks" the result of a mathematical statement that results in an answer of "4" into "5". It could also be said that there could be a universe in which the ideas that form its mathematical structure are such that the "+" sign is seen as an operation in which the process of addition must be accounted for as a number, as the mere act of adding changes the nature of the numbers involved, and requires that a "1" be tacked on to the result, to account for the change caused by taking two numbers and subjecting them to an "adding" force. In addition, there could be a universe where whenever an entity which is capable of doing math observes an operation in which the number "4" could be a result, their minds automatically telekinetically modify the result to add a 1, as this is just the nature of things in this alternate universe.

It is possible that there is a universe which takes any quantifiable collection of objects, swallows them whole when sentient beings try to do a mathematical operation, and spits out a randomized amount of said objects. Perhaps this is a universe inside of a quantum computer which has been programmed by someone who flunked high school Algebra.

Everything I just said is both true and false, both and neither at the same time, and yet both within time and outside of time, time being both an illusion and not an illusion, the concept of things being illusory being both true and false, both and neither at the same time. As for working within the accepted realm of ideas known as "mathematics", I shall not. I shall spit scalding hot coffee in the face of mathematicians, steal your TI-89 calculator, and modify the BIOS to output a stream of random numbers as the answer to any given operation. After all, where I'm going, this calculator isn't going to be useful for much more than playing Tetris and looking at monochrome low-res pornography. Maybe to animists, two rocks sitting next to each other know that they're two rocks. But I say that this creates the illusion of separateness, as the two rocks are both part of the ground, and by thinking of them as separate, you create an idea which divides them from the earth which they became detached from, thus dooming them to an existence of solitude. If only the rocks knew what you had done to them, why they must live separate from the earth in a state of lonely petrification, I'm sure they'd conspire with their fellow rocks to create some kind of animated rock-monster who eats mathematicians and defecates calculators which only give the answer "WRONG" as the answer to a given mathematical operation.

And reality? I refuse to operate within that paradigm as well! The idea of a solid, stable reality is currently being forcibly sodomized by me worse than a dead mathematician thrown to a pack of necropheliac orangutans who haven't had fresh meat in years. No, 2 + 2 = 5, 6, 7, 8, Banana, Lubrication, 23, Fortitude, pile of dead gods, don't you "pretentious" or "insipid" call me, 69, 69, 69, 69, 69, 69...