Amongst British racing cyclists, a time trial course on major roads of near-motorway standard. These races are held on open roads over standard distances (so that times in different events can be compared as a reasonable measure of performance), and on that sort of course the suck-and-blow from passing artics provides a constant tailwind and hence unfeasibly good times. Since the vast majority of British time triallists are competing mainly for their own amusement, against their personal best times, such courses are extremely popular by comparison with events on more sporting courses. The fact that it is the freak conditions which make you go 5-10% faster rather than any individual merit is neither here nor there. The Road Time Trials Council is, to be fair, doing a lot to encourage a move away from these courses onto circuits on smaller roads and courses at non-standard distances where riders are obliged to consider their performance in terms of the people they beat rather than the raw speed they go.

Courses change as roads are continually built and altered, but notorious dragstrip courses include those on the A1 near Boroughbridge, N. Yorkshire (known as "the Boro'") and those on the A34 Oxford bypass.