As I write this, there are HazMat crews outside my window going over the first two floors of Old Main at my school -Mercyhurst College. The college has had an anthrax scare. A little over kill considering we are in Erie, PA. I understand though, that the authorities have to be careful. After freezing my ass off outside with the other Comm. majors/newspaper writers and the local TV crews, this is what I know (other than tv reporters and talking heads ask the stupidest questions):

The head of admissions (I think) got a suspicious foreign package with white power in it. His secretary opened it and got it on her. People on the first and second floors of Old Main aren't allowed to leave the building, since the secretary walked through the hall to the bathroom to clean up. Although I walked through the first floor and they let me leave, but I guess that was before anyone in authority got there. Classes are canceled for today, and maybe tomorrow.

Hamot (our local hospital/trauma center) brought a truck and it triaging students. Then they are taking people down for testing. Technically I am one of the people who could get tested, because I was on the first floor of old main within a certain time period, but I'm not going to get tested. As I mentioned before this is Erie -- not exactly high on anyone's target list.

Further Updates Later.