I knew I had to do laundry today.

Yes, I planted thoughts in my head that attempted a delay at actually doing the laundry, but the procrastination turned annoying. I gathered my laundry together, walked to the laundry room in the apartment complex, dumped two loads into the machines, and went home.

I watched a bit of TV for awhile, and realized I had to put in the last load of clothes, and move the other two to the dryer. I left my building, and noticed the first few drops of rain starting to fall.

After moving two loads of clothes into the dryer and started a wash of the third, I opened the door to leave the laundry room.

It was pouring.

I wasn't in a rush to get home, nor was I wearing any exceptional clothing - just a t-shirt and an old pair of shorts. So I walked. I walked back to my building in the pouring rain. I arrived at my door soaking wet, and invigorated. It felt fantastic! (In retrospect, I wish I had the opportunity to go with no clothes. That would have felt great.)

I can't wait to put the rest of the clothes in the dryer.

I am left with the dilemma, however, of how to get my clothes back to my house totally dry.