"...and that is Dr. Drew. Dr. Drew is board certified physician, and an addiction medicine specialist." - Adam Carolla

As a four-year medical student, Dr. Drew volunteered to co-host a radio show based out of Los Angeles on KROQ FM. The show evolved into "Dr. Drew's LoveLine", and eventually "LoveLine" with Co-Host Adam Carolla. The show is a rich source of information, advice, and sometimes comedy on topics such as sex, relationships, love, and drugs, however many other diverse topics spring up once in awhile.

Dr. Drew received his undergraduate degree from Amherst College, and his MD from USC's School of Medicine. After attaining his MD, Dr. Drew continued at one of USC's facilities for his residency, and was later awarded the position of Chief Resident.

Dr. Drew holds many distinctions: Board Certified internist, a Board Certified addiction medicine specialist, Medical Director for the department of chemical dependency services and Chief of Service in the department of medicine at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, California, President of the Pasadena Medical Society, as well as editor for the Los Angeles County Medical Association's Magazine.

Today, Dr. Drew still co-hosts the LoveLine radio show, which is nationally syndicated in more than 20 markets, and also maintains his medical practice. He has stated that it wouldn't be right for him to call himself a "Doctor" on the radio if he didn't have an active medical practice.

Dr. Drew lives with his wife, Susan, and their 7-year old triplets. Dr. Drew also likes to sing opera, in which he trained for 12 years, and which Adam constantly tries to get him to sing on the show.