I was so excited to finally have my own Dvorak keyboard. But it was definitely more trouble than it was worth.

First, I'm a broke college student, so I couldn't buy one. Instead I switched the keys from a regular one around into the Dvorak format. The problem with this is that the keys on the keyboard are different heights. Thus, it looked and felt really crooked.

Second, I use Windows and most of the shortcuts are made for QWERTY keyboards. For instance, to copy and paste on Windows it's easy Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. C's only four keys away from Ctrl and V's right next to C. So it can all be done with one hand. However for Dvorak keys it takes two hands.

Third, I waited too long to do it. I quickly discovered how well I could already type on QWERTY. It was already built into my reflexes and coordination to go to certain places for certain keys

So my recommendations are: Buy and use a Dvorak keyboard when you're young (or buy one for your nephew or niece). Along with that, use an OS that has shortcuts which are easily remappable.