Cool day. I previously had partitioned my HD into 30gigs for Windows and 10 for SuSe but decided I wanted to try another distro with less HD space. Wouldn't you know it, I lost the disk with the FIPS info for restoring my old settings. Thus I have to delete both partitions and make new ones. Yay. So I spent yesterday burning CD's with archived email, IRC logs, installation programs, updated drivers, contacts, movies, anime, source code, Quake maps and mods, text files, essays, webpages etc. To save CD-R's and make things overall quicker, I uploaded 4.3gigs of MP3's and various other stuff to Chris over the network.

Finally the hour arrives.

It's pretty scary deleting your primary partition. Very, very insecure feeling. Mind racing and scrambling trying to remember that one thing you forgot to backup. Wondering, "should I have scandisked the HD in case of some well-placed bad sectors?" "Am I sure that I want to do this?"

Windows98 SE install goes well. While it was copying the files I read my Bible some more. Finished Matthew, it was okay, it was all about the life of Jesus. Good summary about what Christianity is supposed to mean. I skipped ahead to Revelations and got a good ways into it. After rebooting computer, I noticed in the bottom of my drawer a CD was snapped in half. Yay. Not too bad, it's only my Voodoo3 drivers. Oh well, I can download newer ones anyway.


Wouldn't you know it. I COMPLETELY forgot to backup my Litestep directory. All my hours spent hand crafting my own theme and dozens of handmade icons are all gone. I think I have most of the old ones on home computer. I made 5-7 new ones here at college, and they shouldn't be too hard to repliclate- just time consuming and tedious.

I also installed latest Mozilla (m18). They changed the skin from "Mozilla Style" to Netscape 4.x buttons. I wonder why. Netscape had redesigned their entire site to resemble the new Mozilla style- a lot of people were complaining that they didn't like it though. I guess Netscape gave up on it... Grr, Mozilla's faster and stabler than before. How am I supposed to find bugs and problems with it now??? Arg! They even satisfied most of my wishlist requests!! Oh well, I guess it's for the better.

Something really good that came out of this whole mess was that my sound card is acting properly now. Before it could only play one sound at a time. Now it all of sudden realizes it can do TWO at a time! For some reason I find this sooo cool. Now I can I listen to music AND listen for AIM/ICQ messages...

I showed Chris how to use DJGPP (or gcc that is). He's really impressed over the whole Allegro graphics library. Probably won't need my help now with his 3D engine. I still want to help, but now I'm thinking of using Allegro for a blatant ripoff of Escape Velocity (Mac only). John and me were going to do it over the summer in Java. Haha, like he was actually going to learn Java and then still have intiative/time to write his part of the game. Don't get me wrong though, he's a good guy, but has no will to put effort into something. I'm pretty lazy myself, but I definitly try and work at some things. That reminds me, he still has my Java book.

Chris, Gabe, Claire, and I were planning on going to go to DC on Saturday, but Claire has to house sit. I suggested we just keep her company for the weekend then. She refused immediately. Eventually I ended up convincing her that it'd be perfectly fine for just me and her to house sit then. Too bad I wasn't serious, because then I had to find an excuse to get out of house sitting with her. Not like I wouldn't mind spending 36 hours alone with a smart and beautiful girl, just that you know what would happen. And the consquences of such are pretty scary (commitment being number one... she's like my best friend- no way would I want to jeopardize that). Though I wonder if she really did want me to come and was just pretending to not to. She's hard to read. Then again, I'm bad at reading. Mostly because people reading me or reading other people piss me off. My roomate does that. Rather than say something constructive about your flaws, he just likes to say "I KNEW you were going to do that!" Fairly annoying, but he's cool otherwise.