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To be able to play The Odyssey, Start to finish.
Unicycling... :oD
Imperial College
If you're gonna do it, do it on one wheel...
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Things you might need to know(although, right now, it beats me why you would):
1: Tall. Very. Well, nearly very. Is 6'5" tall? Everyone always seems to be shorter than me. But that could just mean I've led a sheltered life.

2: I can ride a unicycle. Yes, I realise I only have one wheel. I:
  (a) Left the other at home.
  (b) Lost it.
  (c) Don't need a training wheel any more.
  (d) Huh? Oh Christ!! *falls off*
The choice I leave to you.

3: I like custard.
     Custard makes me happy.
         Happiness makes me strong.
            Strength makes me win.
                Winning gets me prizes.
   Thus, I deduce that custard gets me prizes. This is why it makes me happy.
 Uh-oh. This is one of those infinite loops I keep getting...
    *Storms off to stomp some bugs*

So I was poking about as you do, and I came across the guide to making the NODE CODE BLOCK, so I thought I'd give it a go.
Why not?

Version 0.1.2
NAT l xp n->+ C- H+ c e+ # D p g N

Nodes currently in progress:
For details, view my scratch pad, if it ain't there, then I'm working on it using the E2 Offline Scratch Pad.

October 14th, 2004
Well finally back in the swing of things at uni. Taken quite some time though really.
Think it must be nearly time for an upgrade for my pc... Even the lab machines at uni have surpassed it now. Which is rather annoying.
I had this great idea for a node the other day but it seems to completely escaped me. Again.
Ah well, back to the grindstone.
February 12th, 2004 Idea:
Under "The Odyssey": Symphony X's 2002 release.

October 16th, 2003
Well, it certainly has been a while since I was on here really. But now I'm back at uni and so have regular access to net. Always nice.
Well it's been a year since I first signed up to this madness. w00t!
Oh, and an update on my height.. I've discovered recently through a medic friend of my girlfriend's, that I am apparently a medical gi-ant. Which I find quite amusing really.
Anyway, best be off. Hungry.
January 10th, 2003:
Well, all the snow has gone away now. Well mostly. But it was quite possibly the best snow I've ever seen. Coming from the coast as I do, I've never seen much snow. But perhaps snowballing moving cars wasn't such a good plan.
But hey, me and Valeriax mighta got ourselves some quite ironic publicity out of it. Having recieved my police caution for unicycling in the Royal Parks, we might now be doing some photo shoots with a guy called JP Defaut, for a book commissioned by none other than the Royal Parks Commission. The very people who are the bane of my life right now, since I now have to ride about half as far again to follow cycle routes through the park. Damned stupid people. Ah well. Rant over.

January 8th, 2003: