The comment a unicyclist will hear most frequently while out and about. Sometimes people ask about brakes, or how long it takes to learn, or steering, but nine times out of ten they'll just comment on the lack of a second wheel.

Ready made lists of witty retorts prevent fraying tempers after hearing it for the nth time in a day!

  • Real (men|women) don't need two wheels.
  • I'm paying for it in installments.
  • You're kidding, it was there last time I looked! (...and promptly fall off)
  • People will nick anything these days...
  • I loaned the other wheel to a friend.
  • I lent it to my grandma.
  • I couldn't afford both.
  • My dad bought one bike for my bro' and me to share.
  • It's worse than you think, I started out on a tricycle.
  • I've got one more than you do...
  • No, I just found this one!
  • I don't need a training wheel any more.
  • Two wheels? I can only just manage one, give me time!
  • No, it's right here...? (Blank stare)
  • It's on my other unicycle!
  • This IS my other wheel.
  • It'll be along in a minute.
  • Government cutbacks...
  • I got the bike on sale, half off...
  • It fell behind the fridge.
  • Don't be daft, where would I put a second wheel?
  • I don't think I needed a spare.
  • Corporate downsizing...
  • It's on back order.

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