In general, a sense of passion lost after graduating from college. A crisis of not knowing what to do for the rest of one's life. Akin to a quarter-life crisis, or more a midlife crisis come 20 years early.

Case in hand:

An aspiring college student works her butt off in classes, participated in extracurricular activities she deemed meaningful, filled her schedule with classes, meetings and social activities. With all the skills and knowledge acquired along the way, she obtained an enviable degree from a prominent college, and landed a steady job in a promising firm. A few months into the job, she started asking herself: Now What? It seems that her life is set for her, for she has no worries about making a living. But there is something missing: there are no more goals. No new things to experience, no exciting people to meet, no passion to follow. And it seems that life can be this way for the rest of her living years.