Legal prostitution. Selling your actual body to corporate america for money, (i.e. raise right arm, insert screw into bracket, repeat until death.)

Commentary here. We have the technology to replace probably 95% of factory jobs with robots. Imagine this scenario. Man pays $60,000 for a robot that will do his job at the factory for the rest of the man's life. In a few years the robot's paid off and the man is still making his usual salary and all he has to do is keep up the robot, or pay someone else to. We have the ability to have these people getting paid their entire life but not have to go rot at the factory everyday. Our capitalistic society cannot support such a model. There is no way for anyone but the company to make the money from the robot working. Even if we did, we have no way to decide who gets to not work. So instead we continue to force people to rot away their lives putting in the same 4 screws 600 times a day for the rest of their life.

Something to think about.