This idea comes from the stand-up comedic genius Henry Rollins.

It the entire idea goes something like this:

"You know, they killed a little piece of me… They stabbed me with tiny knives – it’s like murder… in the millionth degree."
This is made in reference to the general populace that will just waste your time. This refers to all the loved ones you’ve ever had to leave behind, and every bit of living that leads to your death. Every day we deal with idiots that “stab us with tiny knives” and just make it that much harder to live our well adjusted lives. This idea is the encapsulation of every stupid facet of life that kills our souls.

Case in point:

April 19, 2002: I'm pulled over on the interstate doing 83 in a 70mph zone. Speeding. I get a citation for my speeding – but there is this law that you must have proof of insurance. Financial Responsibility Act. The girl whose vehicle I'm driving does not have that proof of insurance at that exact moment, so that is an additional ticked tacked on. Court date: May 31, 2002.

May 31, 2002: After having gotten up at 7:30, missing summer class, and driving an hour or so (to get to the city where I got the ticket), I find that the owner of the car still can not produce proof of insurance. Continuance to June 26, 2002.

June 26, 2002: Same deal, get up at 7:30, hour drive, but all our efforts are in vain. All this to find that there is no court that day. Damnit.

After having investigated a little, the owner and I discover that her parents may have not had her covered on their insurance plan during that one month (the month I happened to be luckely speeding in her car). A collection agency collected the balance of the dues for the insurance term – so in all actuality, she should have been covered. I recover the documents pertaining to this issue, and take them back to court.

July 2, 2002: I Bring documents to court, however the clerk cannot make a judgement. My real court date is July 26, 2002. Damnit. I pay my speeding ticket and leave, sighing obsenities. Highlight of the day: Seeing an elderly obese woman panting and huffing after having only walked 50 ft from her car. I cannot explain why this was so hysterical, possibly because of the noises she was making. Danielle – you remember.

July 26, 2002: This is the fourth time I’ve been out here… If the judge doesn’t accept this, I’m hosed. I lay out the time-line to the judge… the hospitalization, the speeding, the lack of insurance papers, the numerous visits to court. When the issue of our June 26th visit arose, he simply said, “Oh, wow… I wasn’t there the 26th of June… Not guilty.” And as easy as that – I was off the hook.

Now -- off the hook, yes. But it still doesn’t change the fact that this was an all-summer ordeal. This took a tiny part of our lives. For three months of my life my parents hounded me and called me names and told me to get this taken care of. For three months I pondered the idea of being poor and not having a license over this whole mess. And then I’m off with a simple “not guilty”.      feh

Things like this are happening all over the world all day, every day. I only think it's a big deal because it's happening to me. McDonald's. Assembly lines. Factories. Child labor in China... It's killing us all, one tiny knife at a time.

These people… they killed a tiny piece of me. Murder in the millionth degree.

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