I've been thinking about the subject of racism in our country. What I realized is that, while racism, specifically skin color, is a dying belief another form of racism is still running wild through all types of people in our country.

But this racism isn't judged by skin color, or language, but what country you come from, and your beliefs.

Take South Park for example: "Fuck Canada.", or Sand Nigger, Towel-head, Jewboy, and so on... Especially prejudice against anyone from the Middle East. The Taliban, our mortal enemies.

Now I've heard some people say that what President Dubya Bush has ordered Iraq to do is heinous, outrageous, and all these other over-exagerrated(?) words. That's protecting the American people from chemical, biological, and physical warfare god damnit. But what noone acknowledges is the racism in our country against anyone even moderately associated with our enemies, Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. The misplaced anger is directed at a group of individuals, Moslims, Pakistanis, Arabs and what people don't realize is that just because you are Muslim or speak Arabic doesn't mean you make homemade suicide bombs and throw yourself into on-coming Jewish traffic.