June, 2002.

A convoy of M1A1 Abrams tanks are rolling through a habitated area of the South Korean peninsula. Two little girls are playing on a bridge slightly past the peak. As the tank crested the hill, the driver was unable to see the little girls playing over the bend. Both girls were killed.

Violent protests break out all over the peninsula, including one protest in Seoul measured in the hundred of thousands. Thousands of Korean riot police, US MPs, and numerous other soldiers responded. US military bases country-wide were placed on alert. In Yongsan, Korean nationals sacked the gate, breaking through into the post. Other bases were firebombed, and many people were injured.

Many nationals claimed the US killed the children on purpose, and an apology made by President George W. Bush was taken as an insult by many. The majority of the protestors are Korean students. The older generation of Koreans generally supports Americas presence, remembering the sacrifice US soldiers made on their behalf during the Korean War.

Currently, the US government has just announced it's plans to remove over 12,000 of the approx. 37,000 US military troops stationed on the Korean peninsula. Many feel the American presence would actually provoke North Korean aggression, rather than deter it. A press release in the Stars and Stripes newspaper, in late March, said the latest review of the American presence on the peninsula deemed it's purpose "pointless". Many Koreans in and around US posts have protested America's withdrawl, claiming their local economies will be crushed.

As of June 11, 2004 American bases nation wide are placed on alert and a strict 9 PM curfew has been instated.

MP's have already drawn riot gear and are preparing for protests. Tension is thick, and I am on CQ tonight, so I will be busy.