Fighting from a military mindset. Consider that you have a mission you must complete, and can't wear yourself out. Also remember that this is real, and you must fight for your safety.

If your objective is to disable your enemy permanently, I can help!

Let's get started!

Fighting Stance

- Square off your body about 45 degrees from your enemy, feet in a loose "L". Trail arm tucked into your side, elbow protecting the kidney. Lead arm in what looks like you are flexing position. Leave the elbow forward, pointed at your enemy's feet, placing your fist about cheekbone level. This protects both your front torso and face.


    - Proper punching takes practice. You MUST MUST MUST impact with your whole fist, or risk a fracture. Remember, your don't have to hit the hardest or fastest to cause damage. Quick jabs can setup your enemy for a trail-arm punch, or quick hook, or upper cut. *Remember, use your body too. The force in your arms is multiplied by your body. When punching twist the torso and shoulders. E = 0.5mv2. But, at the same time, it is paramount that you maintain balance, and DON'T over extend. Keep your center of gravity close and low, and with as little pitch and yaw as possible. Jabs use your triceps, while hooks and upper cuts use your biceps. You aren't wearing boxing gloves, so the punch is more effective than on T.V.

    • Effective Areas - Nose, Throat, Jaw, Ears, Gut (beneath rib cage), Kidneys*.


    - Your legs are excellent offensive tools seldom used. Pulling the knee slightly in towards the stomach, and snapping the leg out, impacting with the heel can lay a excrutiatingly painful blow to the legs or torso, easily crushing the knees, shins, or ribs. If you can grab your opponent, step in and bring your leg behind you, pulling it across his legs. At the same time, push his shoulders with a snap. He'll go down, giving you a precious split-second to shut him down. Using the legs can keep your enemy at bay and seriously degrade his effectivness.

    • Effective Areas - Knees, Shins, Toes (stomp), Stomach, Ribs.


    - Chokes are excellent tools for submission or simply killing your enemy. There are a few here that I will teach to you:

    • Rear Naked - Wrap one arm around enemy's neck. Place other arm over his shoulder, at your bicep. With the choking arm, grab your other forearm. The non-choking arm will provide leverage for one son of a bitching hard and quick choke. There are two variations: Blood, Air.

      • Blood - With your enemy's trachea in the crook of your elbow, apply pressure to the area below the corners of the jaw. Major veins and arteries run here, and you can restrict bloodflow to the brain, causing your enemy to pass out rather quickly. Not as lethal.
      • Air - WARNING: LETHAL - Same as blood positioning, but rotate your shoulders just enough to place your forearm over your enemy's windpipe. Apply pressure. You will hear a reassuring gurgle as you crush his windpipe.
    • Collar - Now that I've taught you the rear naked, "How do I choke 'em out from the front!?", you ask! Easy, use their collar. Place hands inside the opposite sides of the collar, facing out. Bring arms together and downward in a scissor motion. When you do, twist your hands until your palms are down. This places the outsides of your wristbones right in the same (blood choke) area as before. Pulling down provides control and causes your enemy to lose balance. When the body is off balance, it can conciously apply around 20% strength as before, while the rest of the body is unconciously trying to maintain balance. Throwing them off balance will prevent them from counter attacks and struggling. By the time they either fall or regain balance, they've lost sufficient blood to the brain and will soon be rendered unconcious.

    • Forearm Choke from the front - With your enemy facing you, wrap one arm around the back of their neck. Place one forearm across their neck, either in the blood or air position. If you have a shirt on, grab your sleeve with the hand behind the enemy's head. Use it to push your enemy into your forearm, engaging the choke. If not, just grab your tricep and do your best.

      REMEMBER that your enemy has use of their hands during these. These chokes must be employed QUICKLY to prevent counter attacks. If you deftly employ these chokes with precision, your enemy will be struggling to hard to strike you.

These techniques I've picked up along the road. Some are military, some are martial, some are experience. They are by no means the book to fighting. Fighting depends on YOU. I rely more on my fists, and what we call cock diesel more than anything else. But, a very! important tip is to stay cool. Loose your wits because of fear or anger and you've disabled your most important tool.


- You are limited on stamina. Punches will degrade you reserve quickly. Grappling and ground fighting is less strenuous, but can leave you in a bad situation, especially when weapons or a stronger opponent is involved. Don't try to Mike Tyson anyone, you will run out of steam and an experienced opponent will take advantage of this. Use combinations, working different muscles. Remember that your opponent has stamina too, and you can wear him down using pain. Use your legs, kick him in the legs, make him block his body from side kicks. Land solid punches, stay sharp. Keep him moving, and if you have to take him to the ground, eliminate him quickly before you run out of energy. One or two solid punches in the face will cloud his head a bit. Land one on his nose, and he will be seeing stars and tearing.


  • try and Bruce Lee anyone. You're using steam, and the average person isn't good enough to use fancy fighting techniques effectively.
  • get drunk and pick fights. Most people have absolutely no hope of fighting while drunk.
  • fight out of anger, unless you can still think clearly. Use you head to evaluate your opponent and take advantages of openings.
  • stand and deliver. Going blow for blow will leave you drained, and you will use valuable energy better spent continuing on your mission.
  • stand in one place. Keep moving. Get beside them, keep them off balance. Remember what I said about balance.


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