Large open area with large, flat buildings, and multitudes of people.

I was busy looking for a hotel room to take my girlfriend, and had to find it soon because it was illegal to stay off post, and I didn't want to get caught.

I see a few of my friends sitting on a wall to my right as I'm walking down the boulevard. I see my buddy Long and some others, and I lean against the wall, looking over it and saying hello (it was a low wall).

I see someone come walking up, with a small group of guys behind him. He walks right up to Long, and Long looks at him. The guy begins to say something in a calm voice, then explodes screaming, slamming his fist into the side of Long's face. I couldn't move, I was in shock. He punched him hard, straight in the face two more times. Long gets up, trying to walk away, but is stunned and can only stumble. The guy, who is beginning to look like a biker-version of Long's roommate Rhode, the puts a right hook across the back of Long's head. One of the guys, a particularly non-threatening guy named Hardy, catches Long with an uppercut as he goes down.

I just put my hand over my mouth, I was dying. I told myself, "What the fuck are you doing, get in there and help your fucking friend!" spurring myself into a rage. I woke up as I put my hands on the wall, about to jump over it.

I woke ashamed I didn't react faster. It looked like what I had seen so many times, on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas.