Hobbits (or it might be penguins) live in uneasy truce with great seabirds, gulls or gannets, on some cold southern isle. I land in some sharp rocks, their rookery, where both kinds live. But they are being attacked from the air by others.

Lawlessness increases. Biker gangs rule in one city, casinos in another, or the mafia, until the country is rent between its provinces, each ruled by a different criminal gang.

I am with hobbit Shirriffs, and we are in a flet, watching as two other hobbits, Mr Mozart and Mr Beethoven, perform a television commercial, explaining to us what they're doing. They move a great armchair aside and then sweep dust and dirt and stones onto a clean carpet; and there are big pointed rocks there on the floor. They have a huge machine making a great noise. It's a powerful vacuum cleaner but the rocks tear apart its underneath.

I'm uploading a new picture to my homenode, a sketch from... somewhere. I want to remove all the text and have this picture uncluttered. I wonder whether to write up this dream as homenode text underneath, or (I'm awake now, the dream is over) on LiveJournal. E2 has timed out and I think the upload didn't go through.

Then the last of time comes. We, those who survived, cross over into the Undying Woods, a myriad of golds and oranges and light. Gandalf and Elrond are with us, and others of our companions and helpers.

Now it is in the perpetually green woodlands of Ithilien (or perhaps Lorien, but Ithilien I think), a thin strip only a few hundred metres wide, on the edge. There is nothing further of the world on my right, back to the left only darker lands left behind. Ahead is the border with the Undying Woods. Gandalf points out that for the first time ever the leaves of Ithilien are starting to turn yellow, so we are entering the Autumn of the World, and I know Gandalf and I and others will pass out of it into the Wood beyond soon, very soon.

I want my homenode to look good when it's fixed permanently by the coming of the end of time. I don't want all that messy text, I want the new simple homenode I devised earlier, with my sketch and nothing around it; so I try to edit it again, hoping the lag doesn't make me miss the End of Time.

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