Deep is where I found myself.

Drowning in passion and ancient history.

Connection through fury, like mist on a mountain side.

It is ancient, and silent as the night.

The true passion runs deeper than thought.


I am split as bullets impact my chest, heaving me to the ground with anger.
I feel no pain, only consequence.
I can feel the rush of reaction, urging me to remain.
I cling to my final seconds.
I feel deep within my soul.
My heart beats with fury.
My blood boils with passion.

There is no death, only peace.

And there is grace in fury, and rest in peace.

There is no right or wrong, only survival.

I don't know. What do I care. I just do my job. How other people feel about what I do doesn't matter in the least. In the end, it's all just ash in the wind. My men... My brothers.. How could they ever know.