What is this, exactly. I like to write, but the thought of using the computer to create nodes, of for that matter, anything on the computer that is not straight out clicking or typing, hurts my head. Can I still join this community without getting into this computer too much? I received a digital camera for Christmas. After one or two fuzzy pictures, it's consigned as a dust collector. The instruction booklet hurt my head. It was also in Japanese. They must have terrific eyesight, the Japanese, those diagrams were the diagrams of the actual diagrams, miniturized to fit in the back pocket of small Japanese butts.

Parking lot preachers hurt my head. Wal-mart hurts my head as it is, but being accosted while I'm putting grocerys in the trunk and hearing to my six month old wail because we are not driving yet, is unbearable. The man doesent even help me with my groceries, just tries to convert/get a donation for a supposed church on sixth street. I beleive the location is really a liquor store, last time I checked. Through my deft movements of shutting the trunk and giving him my cart, I escape unmolested into my sanctuary, the car that has now left Wal-Mart. Much better then approaching Wal-Mart, that mammoth parking lot with the pedestrian right of way. Dostoyevsky's description of the slums of old St Petersburgis a fitting description of it's patrons- "no figure, however queer, would have caused surprise." Hey, I go there for the cheap baby formula.