Reasons why Tcl appeals to the opposite sex

  • Protyping: Tcl is extremely useful for protoyping complex systems. Its powerful syntax lets you script something in 100 lines that would take 1,000 lines in a silly compiled language. This gives you a quick framework to start hanging your more serious code onto.
  • Embedding: It embeddes nicely into Java. Why waste time prying open files with java, when Tcl can do it with 4 lines. While Tcl performance is an issue (compiled language still beat the pants off of interrupted languages*), Tcl cuts thru small tasks with ease.
  • Matching: One of Tcl's finer points is its implementation of matching via regular expressions. While Perl is still champion of text parsing, Tcl gives Perl a run for its money. Since everything in Tcl is a string, everything can be used in pattern matching.
  • Good in Bed: Ill explain this one when you are older.
Men's room wall says that Tcl scripts are faster then Perl scripts to. . .

*Yeah Yeah, there are exceptions to every rule.