This phenomenon apparently exists everywhere (though I disagree completely with DMan about languages having different "characters" - that's just well-pandered stereotypes). However, it varies strongly between countries. The worst case I know of is Germany's teenagers, who seem to consider English so cool that teen magazines use the words "boy" and "girl" instead of the German words when discussing love and sex issues, and that aspiring German pop singers have little chance of success unless they have an English band name and sing in English (The exception being Hip Hop, where there's a healthy German-language scene). And via general advertising, it's bleeding over to everyday life, especially since many technical terms (in IT, medicine, management, marketing, you name it) are taken over unchanged and unquestioning.

The situation is not much better in Japan; the main difference is that idoru are allowed to have Japanese names and sing in Japanese, provided that they sprinkle it liberally with English words and sentence fragments (which don't have to make sense).