Running to the dictionary to prove your point is a slavish adherence to some pseudoacademic notion of how a word should be used. The more people who use a word in a new way (like the word 'bad' to mean 'damn good') the more that word comes to have the new meaning.

Take words like "jew", "woman" or “black” for example, the top down dictionary definitions of these words c. 1950 were intended to perpetuate the social norms of that that day. Since then many people have decided that those norms are incorrect, and we have new norms. We may yet discover that the definitions we use, even now, are wrong. I see the use of the dictionary as a source of truth ie. “this word always means this” as a potential road block to social change.

Dictionaries are about the top down control of language, which makes no sense since language is developed from the bottom up (in most cases). Dictionaries should just be used to look up words that you don’t know-- not to try to ‘prove’ that a word means one thing or another.

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