I don't think you mean 'attractive', hombre. Attractive means, by definition, that you desire to be 'near' someone or something. When spoken of a person, it generally is taken as sexual desire. Therefore, I would like to contest your statement as technically false. And, just because this w/u sounds so fucking serious...

Everybody Mambo!!!!

Okay, you people just don't seem to get it. Finding someone attractive *IS wanting to have sex with them!!! That's what attraction is! Sheesh, you people are so damned PC-whipped that you can't directly equate attractive with sexy for fear that someone will be offended. If you're just appreciating beauty, that's one thing. I think Brad Pitt is a stud, but I don't wanna jump his bones, because I don't find him attractive.

Case in point, Everybody Mambo!!!!