Unfortunatly Torque, this is one of the problems with the IT industry at the moment.
Too many people without aptitudes for computers and programming working doing that very thing.

You don't need to know computers to pass, or even pass well a Computer Science Degree today. You just need to be smart. It's not hard to knock up a little server/client program for your final project, but when it comes to the real-world people need to know computers backwards.

They leave their little world of college, without a clue about program usability, without a clue about basic computer operation. They've learned how to program fairly well, but without the natural curiousity and intuition when it comes to computers, you can't program them well.
The most you can achieve is something acceptable. But not good.

Why do you think Visual Basic is such a hit?

Computers and Programming Languages are designed by people with a certain type of aptitude and therefore, people with that same aptitude find it wasy to pick up computers as a result. The rest, just don't get it