Evil programmers are a race of programmers who set out to write unreadable, unmanagable code in an effort to spite their company and fellow employees. They tend to use a few tactics very often, they are:

1) Bad indentaion:
 int x;
 if (1==x) x++;
     if(x==2) x=3;
 else x=4;
Tis gives an illusion that the first if is matched with the else but its not. This is evil.

2) the same variable names with different capitalization

int myLoopControlVariable=0;
int myLoopControlVarIable=0;

These look the same but that damn "I" screws you up

3) They use capital "O" and zero interchangably:

int bigONotaion=0;
int big0Notaion=0;

Try reading this especially if your font makes them look exactly the same;

4) they make long long variable names so you have to cut and paste;

int aVariableThatIsUsedToControlTheLoopInMyFunction=0;

5) They make variables with names like "dummy" which are very important.

6) They use nested ternary operators instead of if statements becuase they are harder to read.

var? var1? var4:var5 : var3? var6:var7

7) they never comment and when they do comment they make up comments that don't descibe what is happenning or point you in the wrong direction.

8) They write all their numbers in binary so you have to calculate their values.

Disclaimer: I take no resposibilty if you decide to become an evil programmer and use these tactics on your fellow employee.

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