Akin to the philosopher's stone, but applicable to computers, programs, and programmers. It has the ability to turn a poor nerd into a great hacker, or code from Microsoft into something that dosn't crash when it is run. When sprinkled over a keyboard tyops are always spelled correctly. When mixed with java becomes either a drink that lets one code all night long, or lets the code actually run on all platforms. A debugger with access to this will catch the error before the panic. Most importantly, programs will always Do the Right Thing.

Unfortunately, this substance is in short supply. If you should find any resonable quantity of it, I beg of you, dump it in Redmonds drinking supply.

Reciprocality http://www.reciprocality.org started out with a paper on Software Engineering called the Programmer's Stone. It discussed different perceptions and methods of thinking of people (mapper vs packer mentalities).

It seems that the essence of something more fundamental has been discovered and now the site has grown both in content and contributors and is a collection point for much related information.

  • The M0 Parasite. (and application to ADHD people)
  • The Ghost Not. Addiction to boredom. Boredom triggers endorphins. Interesting.
  • Others ... Reciprocal Cosmology, Consciousness, Hypertime, History, Magic

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