A type of play in Scrabble and other crossword games.

A hook involves extending a previously played word by one letter, and playing a word perpendicular to the previous word through the new letter. By doing this, you can score both the existing word and the new word. This is particularly powerful in Scrabble if extension letter is played on a double or triple word score square, as you will multiply the scores of both words.

The word "hook" is also sometimes used to describe the extension of a word by one letter, somewhat the opposite of a curtailment or beheadment.

The most obvious hook is adding an S to the end of an existing singular noun (or plural verb). Here are some more examples:

   V        V               ATTIC
   I        I       H        H
   N   ->   N       O   ->   O
   Y        Y       S        S
          CELLAR    E        E