yinz is the native language of pittsburgh. No person with any form of interest in the preservation or practice of the English language speaks it. Yinz is a slur of barely recognizable words with a grammar structure that would turn transcribed dialogue green. Native Pittsburgers usually resort to sports paraphenalia as a means of expressing their interests to outsiders.

According to local Pittsburgh mythology, the word "yinz" itself is a contraction of the words you and ones. Its usage is very similar to the word yall or y'all as commonly used in the American south.

Apparantly the phrase "Are you going to go down town to get a sandwich?" can be translated into Pittsburgese (AKA yinzer or simply yinz) by first altering the actual word structure to more closely resemble the local sentence construction trends thus:

"are you ones there going down town to get a sandwich and that sort of thing?."

To complete the translation into comprehensable (or incomprehensable depending on your point of view) yinz, the sentence is then slurred beyond recognition. For our example, the spoken yinz sentence would be as follows: " is yinz goin dahntahn ta git a samich n'at?"

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