An Australian slang term for an ethnic (of Mediterranean descent) person's vehicle, usually a hotted-up Holden VL or Subaru WRX if it's a particularly wealthy wog.

While clearly derogatory, I can't help but laugh whenever I hear the term thrown around (even though I am a "wog" myself). It's just so... Australian.

Wog chariots are usually resplendent with all manner of rims, mags, spoilers, neons, decks, subs and any other superfluous material that weighs the car down so much that it requires a super-charged engine just to get the bloody thing moving.

Give me a good ol' Kingswood any day.

For those of you who might find this w/u offensive: the term wog is barely even blinked at in Australia these days. While I'm aware that some people may still take offense to the term, this w/u was written under the pretense that everyone is well used to it and it's applications. Perhaps fifteen years ago someone referring to an Italian's car as a 'wog chariot' may have done more than raise a few eyebrows, but not these days.
We Aussies aren't generally known for being all that politically correct, anyway.
For the record, I drive a 1985 Alfa Romeo Julieta. It's far from being 'done-up', but if someone wants to call it a wog chariot on the basis that I am, in fact, of Italian descent, I would probably get the words emblazoned on my rear windscreen.

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