The woe kitten is a sinister figure who drops from the sky in episode 2 of Tales of the Blode. The woe kitten is frightening (for some reason), and says "WOE UNTO THEE" in a very deep and fake voice. The woe kitten is huge, black, and has fierce glowing red eyes.

Though Joel Veitch is the creator of Tales of the Blode, I am informed that Dan Chambers is in fact the creator of the woe kitten.

To see the woe kitten in action, scurry over to and oggle episode two of Tales of the Blode.

An important note: If you are ever faced with the dreaded woe kitten's wrath, simply heave an ocelot at him/her, and everything will be all right.

Yet another note: In Tales of the Blode, the woe kitten falls out the sky sideways. This is a clear indicator that he is a mildly dangerous woe kitten. The most dangerous way for a woe kitten to fall would be directly onto your genitals, claws first.

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