www.rathergood.com is a website by Joel Veitch that, according to him, "will probably crush your will to live". The main point of the website is to showcase a bunch of crazy animations that he created. All of these animations are very silly indeed. Jamie and the Magic Todger is a fine example of the level of sillyness to expect. In Jamie, a young boy is swept into a dreamworld after rubbing his magic happy lamp called Todger. This opens a portal to...it's just too silly to get into, frankly.

Tales of the Blode is a the only animation that has spawned a whole series thus far, and is currently at episode 5. Tales of the Blode is a random world of...well, randomness. And people who are all vaguely reminiscent of crudely animated testicles. And crabs. Lots of crabs.

This is a crazy website, full of techno parties, phallic humor, crabs with Darth Vader faces, and a childish semi-innocence infused into every frame of random oddness. You can also purchase a few bits of rathergood clothing via Cafepress, and watch a few videos of things being blown up (the 'splodey videos are made possible by the clothing sales).

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