From the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta, Pirates of Penzance:

CHORUS--PIRATES (very loud)

          With cat-like tread,
               Upon our prey we steal;
          In silence dread,
               Our cautious way we feel.
          No sound at all!
               We never speak a word;
          A fly's foot-fall
               Would be distinctly heard--
POLICE:   (softly)       Tarantara, tarantara!
PIRATES:  So stealthily the pirate creeps,
          While all the household soundly sleeps.
          Come, friends, who plough the sea,
               Truce to navigation;
               Take another station;
          Let's vary piracy
          With a little burglary!
POLICE:   (softly)       Tarantara, tarantara!
SAMUEL:   (distributing implements to various members of the
          Here's your crowbar and your centrebit,
          Your life-preserver--you may want to hit!
          Your silent matches, your dark lantern seize,
          Take your file and your skeletonic keys.
POLICE:   Tarantara!
PIRATES:       With cat-like tread
POLICE:   Tarantara!
PIRATES:       in silence dread,

          (Enter KING, FREDERIC and RUTH)

ALL (fortissimo).   With cat-like tread, etc.


FREDERIC: Hush, hush!  not a word; I see a light inside!
          The Major-Gen'ral comes, so quickly hide!
PIRATES:       Yes, yes, the Major-General comes!

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