Making spectacular martial art feats for films by suspending the actors in thin wires which allow them to jump amazing distances and reach their nemesis or similar in no time, or somersault to avoid some big fireball whilst maintaining oriental elegance.
For examples, see The Matrix and Fong Sai Yuk.

Slang for what's involved in keeping the network going at work. Many times when an old ethernet cable is shorting out the whole row it just needs to be held at 45o and it the circuit is made. Make a brace and it's done.


Like what holloway said. Practitioners of wire-fu never buy serial cables. They never have to pay for that strange Cisco cable. They know the pinout of ethernet over cat5 and can make a patch cord faster than you can say "shit on a shingle". Masters of wire-fu buy nylon cable ties by the pound and know how to nondestructively unlock them.

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