Touted as an "evolution" of WinNT beer, this beer comes in four different flavours - "Pro", "Serv", "AdServ" and "Decantercenter", all in a 32oz can (this one actually has 32oz of beer inside, unlike some other Windows-brand beers). Those home consumers who do buy Win2k beer are expected to buy the cheaper "Pro" (only drinkable by you and one significant other), whereas businesses may prefer the "Serv" and "AdServ" flavours, which can be drunk by more than two people at once.

Few people have even seen the "Decantercenter" flavour, which the distributers claim can be drunk by 32 people at once, and be served alongside a buffet of 64 gigabites of office snacks (one can is reputed to require up to four fridges to store it properly).

Win2k beer is said to support the drinking of certain types of DOS beer and Windows beer that have been previously been undrinkable with WinNT beer, but testing has proved inconclusive (and occasionally, messy).

Linux beer drinkers may find that all their cans have been hidden - the distributers claim this is a "feature" of Win2k beer. The Linux beer cans are still there, but cannot be taken out of the fridge without putting more of them in. Serious WinNT drinkers are expected to start drinking Win2k within 6 months, but many Win98 beer drinkers find they can drink their beer quicker, and can drink more flavours of DOS beer with it.

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