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Verification of the truth of the words of the book of the Counted Nodes
Network programming, skinning, chocolate
Whitgift School -> University of Bath, UK
Eternity lies ahead of us, and behind. Have *you* drunk your fill?
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This is probably out of date - search for me, my website's bound to be in there somewhere . . . *g*

Name: Laurence "GreenReaper" Parry
DOB: 19/09/1982
Interests: Programming, reading, drawing, chocolate.
Location: A little town you've probably never heard of, about 30 miles south of London, England.
Languages: English, French (un peu), Latin (less), Basic (Visual et al), C/C++.
Personal likes: Music (classic chamber, The Beatles, REM, Radiohead), cats, books (Terry Pratchett, Isaac Asimov) and, of course, computers.
Personal dislikes: Irredeemably stupid people.

Version: 3.12 GCS d-(++) s:+ a--- C++(+++)>$ UL+>++ P+ E---
W++ N++ o? K++ w++>+++ O? M- V? PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP- t* 5- X
R* tv- b++++(+++) DI+++ D++ G e(+)>++ h!* r* y?

FurCode: FDSlith3adw A+ C- D H+ M P+ R+ T W- Z- S RLCT
a18 cln++++$ d++ e->++ f+ h*>-- iwf++ j p+ sm#