Wicked Stepmother was a short-lived supergroup that put out a single album in January 1970. The vinyl record, titled LieQuest 2022, recorded in 1968 and published by Ronzoni, holds the Guinness World Record for having the most singles to hit exactly 101 on the charts, just missing out on Billboard's Hot 100 and Cassie Kasem's "100 Songs to Boink To When Stoned". In total, 46 of the 47 songs made it to 101. Unfortunately, the 47th song (Wish You Weren't a Wanker) took up the entire flip side of the record and radio stations didn't know that song existed. 

All of the musicians in Wicked Stepmother eventually went on to more famous gigs with different bands or became Trivial Pursuit answers. 

  • Drummer: Keith Ass. Keith's unfortunate surname caused controversy and several radio stations refused to play the record until it turned out that it really was his last name, but it was pronounced "ahhzz". After the band broke up, Keith changed his last name to Moon and joined Led Zeppelin.
  • Trombone: Hiram "Jetpoop" Jones. Nobody knew who this member was because he only played on "Wish You Weren't a Wanker" with a blistering 19-minute trombone solo that got him enshrined in the Trombonist Hall of Fame in Springfield, North Dakota.
  • Lead Guitar: Eduardo Van Halen. An unknown 13 year-old guitar prodigy that appeared out of nowhere, he migrated from Europe to southern California and was picked up in the studio parking lot playing a guitar made out of matchsticks and cigar boxes. Nobody could figure out how he made matchsticks make sounds like guitar strings until Hiram noticed he couldn't play any notes while drinking a glass of water. They bought Eduardo a better microphone and kept him on since nobody ever gave him any money.
  • Bass Guitar: Salmon "Wertperch" Fishbackmann. Most confusing and secretive member of Wicked Stepmother. Was he a salmon, a perch, or a bass? For every concert and promo photo, Fishbackmann wore a complete fish outfit made out of sequins. He fell over by tripping on his tail so many times that the confused audience thought it was a new dance. The "Fishbackmann Flop" was the hip, cool new craze for most of 1970.
  • Rhythm Guitar: Andycyca Morphologicalgherkin. Retiring from professional bingo with eleven billion dollars in cash and sixteen thousand stolen dentures, "Andy" purchased Jimi Hendrix's haunted guitar from an auction house. Never learned how to play the thing, but the ghost in the guitar made the musician the most sought-after session player for most of the seventies until it was dropped off of the Empire State Building while trying to swat an annoying tourist.
  • Lead Vocals: David Bowtie. After releasing his freshman solo album under the pseudonym David Bowie, it flopped and his label (Deram) dropped him. Needing a place to couchsurf, he became friends with Fishbackmann and was invited to join the band after everyone in the San Diego region heard him yodeling in the shower, which also was the loudest song ever heard in history until Primus (followed hours later by Rage Against the Machine) registered on the Richter scale. When the band was recording Wish You Weren't a Wanker, Bowtie kept trying to sing nonsense lyrics during the trombone solo. Hiram never forgot, and tensions between the two musicians caused the eventual breakup of the band. Bowtie returned to his Bowie name and went on to some moderate success.

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